Highly effective liquid tool with three important properties that in most cases will help avoid expensive repairs. First, it stops oil leaks through rubber and neoprene seals such as oil seals from the crankshaft and valve stem seals. The second property is that this high-quality product ensures an optimal seal between piston rings and cylinder wall, which reduces oil consumption. As a third feature, it prevents or reduces the emission of blue exhaust smoke.

Xeramic Oil Stop 250 ml Stop leak oil

  • Properties:
    - Reduces engine noise
    - Prevents and stops oil leaks without disassembling engine parts
    - Restores the elasticity of oil seals and O-rings
    - Prevents or reduces the emission of blue exhaust smoke (blow-by)
    - For an optimal seal between piston and cylinder wall
    - Suitable for petrol, diesel and LPG engines
    - Can be mixed with all types of engine oil

    - In case of excessive leakage of valve stem seals and crankshaft seals
    - When changing the oil or between oil changes, add to the engine oil when the engine is warm
    - The content of the 250 ml container is suitable for a maximum of 6 liters of engine oil