Highly effective fuel additive with multifunctional properties designed for quick and effective cleaning of gasoline engines. Dirt, gum and varnish deposits are thoroughly removed. Increases engine power through effective cleaning and reduces harmful exhaust emissions. XERAMIC® 20117 Petrol Additive treats and protects the injection system as well as all components of the fuel system against corrosion, wear and deposits.

Xeramic - Multi Petrol Additive 250 ml

  • Features :
    - Cleans the entire fuel system
    - Prevents corrosion
    - Reduces fuel consumption and improves engine performance
    - Prevents stalling and stalling of the engine
    - Works preventively with regular use
    - Neutralizes acid condensate resulting from the oxidation of the fuel
    - Increases operational reliability and increases engine performance

    - At every service and / or in case of fuel system malfunctions
    - When holding back and stuttering the engine
    - In case of excessive emission of harmful exhaust gases
    - The content of the 250 ml packaging is suitable for a tank capacity of up to 60 liters