XERAMIC® HYBRID ADDITIVE is an additive with an excellent cleaning effect specially developed for modern hybrid vehicles with a gasoline engine.
Hybrid vehicles are characterized by low fuel consumption and partly pure electric drive, the petrol engine is often used in a cold condition and many start-stop situations arise.
In contrast to non-hybrid vehicles, the fuel remains in the tank for a relatively long time. That is why a fuel stabilizer has been added to this high-quality additive, which ensures optimal aging stability.

XERAMIC® HYBRID ADDITIVE also offers optimal corrosion protection, prevents deposits and cleans the injection system. Reduces harmful exhaust gas emissions and cleans and protects the injection system and combustion chamber.

Xeramic Hybrid Additive 250 ml - Injectiesysteemreiniger

  • Preferably apply every 10,000 km.
    The content of the 250 ml. packaging is suitable for a tank capacity of up to 60 liters.