Specially developed to clean the internal part of the engine from sludge and thickened oil. Helps loosen stuck piston rings and valves. Contains effective cleaning additives with dispersing properties for optimal results. Increases compression and improves engine performance. Cleans hydraulic valve lifters and restores lost engine power.

- Cleans and lubricates the engine internally
- Removes sludge and thickened oil
- Helps loosen stuck piston rings and valves
- Increases compression and improves engine performance
- Reduces the emission of harmful gases
- Cleans hydraulic valve lifters
- Suitable for petrol, diesel and LPG engines
- Can be mixed with all types of engine oil

Xeramic Engine Flush 250 ml - Motor treatment

  • Applications:
    - When diagnosing black sludge
    - Due to compression loss at the piston rings
    - When tapping hydraulic valve lifters
    - Add to the engine oil when the engine is warm, let it run for at least 10 minutes at an increased speed of 1500 rpm
    - Switch off the engine and drain oil
    - Replace the oil filter and fill the engine again with new oil, which is recommended by the car manufacturer
    - The content of 250 ml is suitable for up to 4 liters of engine oil