High-quality engine treatment for 50,000 km of optimal protection, even after the engine oil has been changed. The high-quality ceramic material adheres to the most critical parts of the engine such as piston rings, bearing shells, valve lifters, etc. It is precisely in these places that friction is reduced, which increases engine performance and reduces fuel consumption and wear. Due to the reduced friction in the engine and the drop in oil temperature, more power is available for the drive. The result is more pulling power, especially at low revs. The lower oil temperature ensures a better seal, which makes combustion more efficient. In addition, the engine runs smoother and quieter after the addition, which makes driving more pleasant.

Xeramic Ceramic Engine Protector - 500 ml - Cleaner

  • Properties:
    - Increase in engine power
    - Reduction of fuel consumption
    - Better cold start
    - Less wear on the engine
    - Lowering noise level of the engine
    - Reduction of harmful exhaust gases
    - Lowering oil temperature
    - Suitable for petrol, diesel and LPG engines
    - Can be mixed with all types of engine oil