Weathered dull headlights can be MOT disapproved. With this complete set you can renovate your headlights and let them shine as if they were new without having to dismantle the bulbs.
You can easily polish the polycarbonate headlights and apply a protective coating yourself.

Prof. Colormatic Headlight - Renovation set

  • Set consisting of:
    - 1x ColorMatic 2K Clearcoat in high gloss 200 ml
    - 1x ColorMatic Plastic cleaner 400 ml
    - 1x ColorMatic Plastic primer 150 ml
    - 1x high quality sponge (viscose)
    - 1x pair of disposable gloves
    - 1x manual
    - 2x sheets of sandpaper P800 for wet sanding
    - 2x sheets of sandpaper P2000 for wet sanding