Car paint can be repaired and protected with these 3 steps.

Repair and protect car paint with the three steps of the Ultimtate Paint Care Kit. Use Ultimate Compound to repair stubborn oxidation, bird droppings and other defects in the paint. Color and clarity of neglected surfaces are restored and the paint is given a mirror-like shine. After using compound, achieve maximum shine and reflection with Ultimate Polish. This product contains nourishing oils that give the paint a rich, deep wet look shine. Finally, the paint is sealed and protected with Ultimate Liquid Wax. The synthetic polymers form a protective barrier and give an incredible mirror shine. The paint is also hydrophobic, so that water simply slides off the paint. This kit contains 2 Even Coat Applicator Pads, an Applicator Pad and a Microfiber. The kit is competitively priced and contains all the products to get and keep the paint beautiful!

Meguiars Ultimate Paint Care Kit (5-piece)

  • G17216EU Ultimate Compound, 450ml
    - Kleur en helderheid van verwaarloosde en beschadigde lakoppervlakken worden zo op een veilige manier hersteld.
    G19216EU Ultimate Polish, 473ml
    - Bevat voedende oliën waardoor een rijke, diepe wet look glans op de lak ontstaat.
    G18216EU Ultimate Liquid Wax, 473ml
    - De langste bescherming en de meeste reflectie krijgt u met Ultimate Wax. Inclusief Applicator pad en Microfiber.
    X3080EU Even-Coat Applicator Pad, 2-pack
    - Deze pad geeft geweldige resultaten bij het aanbrengen van compound of polish.