After the joint venture between HUF and Baolong, China, the combination will come up with a new brand name: BH-Sens
A very interesting new TPMS Tool was also launched on the market under this new brand name.

Important features of this new BH-Sens DT41 tool:
- Developed in collaboration with the largest OE manufacturers
- Diagnosis of all TPMS sensors.
- Activate + wake up original TPMS sensors
- Database with reset and learning procedures of OE sensors, tightening torques and OE numbers.
- Programs highly complex Intellisens TPMS sensors (clones)
- OBD-II plug standard

Huf / BH-Sens DT41 + 8 Sensors + 5Yr free updates + OBDII TPMS

  • Introductory Package:
    - BH-Sens TPMS Tool DT41
    - 8 Sensors
    - 5 Yrs Free Updates
    - OBDII module