Brembo brake fluid has a higher boiling point than required, giving it a higher resistance to Vapor Lock (vapor lock).
Safe braking in all conditions is guaranteed.
Thanks to the better anti-corrosion properties and resistance to oxidation, the integrity is also preserved in the long term.

Due to the exceptionally high boiling point and a lower viscosity than required, it more than meets the legal standards. Also for vehicles with ABS.

Brembo Premium Brake Fluid Dot 4 - 0.5 Ltr

  • Content 0.5 L.
    Color yellow
    Packaging Bottle
    Specifications SAE J 1704 - ISO 4925 - FMVSS 116
    pH value 7 - 11.5
    SAE class DOT-4
    Brake Fluid DOT version 4
    Viscosity 40 - 100 1400 - 1.5
    Boiling point dry 260 ° C
    Boiling point wet 165 ° C
    Property 500 ml dot 4 fully synthetic