Original AMG KIDFIX XP child seat follows the sporty, dynamic design of the DINAMICA AMG interior. Mercedes-Benz child seats are tested with more than 50 percent more energy than is permitted by law. Ultimate safety and comfort.


Height-adjustable headrest and belt guide allow the child seat to grow with the child and automatically place the diagonal belt over the child's shoulder Adjustable seating positions, even while the seat is in use, provide the child with a comfortable sleeping position. The V-shaped backrest of the seat offers your child enough space and protects it at the same time The backrest is continuously adjustable to the inclination of the backrest of the car seat

AMG Car child seat - Original Mercedes Benz Collection - KIDFIX XP

    • Hoogtepunten:
    • ISOFIX
    • Leeftijd: 3,5-12 jaar
    • Lichaamsgewicht: 15-36 kg


    • Productdetails:
    • Originele Mercedes-AMG Product
    • Fabrieks - Garantie
    • Geproduceerd door Römer-Britax
    • AMG-logo geborduurd
    • DINAMICA hoes inclusief rode decoratieve stiksels
    • Mesh inzetstuk met horizontale strepen
    • Leeftijdsgroep: 2 + 3
    • Lichaamsgewicht: ca. 15 tot 36 kg
    • Leeftijd: van ca. 3,5 tot 12 jaar
    • Goedgekeurd volgens ECE R44 / 04 & CCC
    • ISOFIX, i-Size, ISOFIT-compatibel
    • Riemtas compatibel
    • Afneembare rugleuning
    • Afmetingen: 67 tot 85 x 39 x 48 cm (HxBxD)